Yelp! Can Be Your Best Friend

My mother just got word that she's been accepted at a senior housing building on the islands, so I am under the gun to find a good moving company to move her belongings across the pond.

Things have been pretty busy lately, so for some reason I wasn't thinking straight in regards to my search for a mover.  Sometimes I can slip back into my old-fashioned ways.  I start to reach for phone books.  I actually call companies whose names begin with AAA.  I go onto Craigslist, and against my better judgment, start searching in the 'Services' section.  

So I PRINT OUT a few ads and bring them with me to Target, so that I can call while having a beverage before doing my shopping.  No one answers so I leave messages. With one of those companies, it was my second attempt at reaching them. It had been a full 24 hours and no one returned my call so I left another very curt message.  The woman on the machine sounded like she was completely strung out on something, her words slurred so bad I could barely understand her.  I try to call a third company but there's no phone number anywhere on the ad, just a "click here" icon.  With every passing minute I am feeling more and more lame. 

So after I return home I am searching the web for more moving companies to call and I come across Yelp!, whose tagline is "Real People, Real Reviews".  I had seen this before but am not in the habit of using it.  Well, I sure will be now!

I looked up the moving company with the strung out lady on the answering machine, the people that I called twice(they had posted some great rates and had a large enough truck for the job).  More than one person who left one-star reviews said that they wished that they could rate them at a '0', it was that bad!  Apparently they were cursed at, yelled at, and ultimately stood up time and time again. 

Thanks to Yelp! I sure dodged a bullet.  I found a very reputable company with great reviews and decent prices.  Once they are finished with the move I will go back and provide my feedback and so that others can utilize that information.   It's nice to know that at least in some instances we can all depend on each other and support those businesses that want and appreciate our business.  Thanks Yelp!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Comment balloon 2 commentsLisa Bosques • February 25 2010 02:29PM
Yelp! Can Be Your Best Friend
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