Biggest Loser, Office Edition: Weeks 3 and 4

Week 3: Our numbers dwindled at the meeting(actually, how would I know? I wasn't even there).

Week 4: After Thanksgiving, we are still committed to losing the weight, and have collectively declared that we are back on track!  

I am looking around at everyone, and there are a few people who stand out.  I am very impressed with their dedication and determination; I am currently looking to them as role models.  When I see someone work hard, it inspires me to work harder as well.  There's no denying the influence of peers. 

Heck, I might even ask them to move in with me. Or maybe they could staff a "Choc-Anon" hotline.  

Anyway, to help keep me on track, I started using a pedometer.  They say that 10,000 steps is equal to 3 miles, and I say that's a fair amount of exercise for one day.  I wore it in IKEA, and that alone was 7,000 steps!


Pocket Pikachu


Mine is no ordinary pedometer, either.  It is a 'Pedometer Pet'(Pikachu, to be exact).  If I don't walk, I don't earn steps.  Steps can be converted to 'watts' which you give to Pikachu every once in a while as a prize.  If he doesn't get his watts, he grows very sick, then very angry, and finally he runs away.  The point is to keep him happy; by doing so, you will also keep your body happy.

Hopefully I'll lose some weight in time for my 'Week 5' blog.  Thanks for reading! 


Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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