Prudential Burien's Global Volunteer Day - Success!

I am happy to say that next week I will be delivering two checks for $1,000 each.  One check will go to Highline Food Bank, and the other will go to the Des Moines Food Bank.  This is in addition to over $1,000 and a couple thousand pounds of food already raised for the food banks during our annual Food Drive.  Global Volunteer Day

 The two $1,000 checks are grants from Prudential Financial, or "Mama Pru" as we affectionately call it. It was particularly exciting because we were not sure if we would get the grants. This year, Prudential Financial was only offering a limited number of grants to applicants, whereas in the past everyone who participated in Global Volunteer Day would be eligible to receive a grant.

Prudential Cares

So in preparation for a possible letdown, we had to let the food bank directors know that unlike in the past, they were not guaranteed to get the additional $1,000.  I'm sure they will be excited that the grants did indeed come through, as it is a very tough time of year for donations, as needs multiply.

A great big "THANK YOU", Mama Pru!



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Prudential Burien's Global Volunteer Day - Success!
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