From Wise Bread: 9 Ways To Save on a Move

Coupon Sherpa's blog post "9 Ways To Save On A Move", is a great reference for those of you who are planning to make a move soon.  I can especially relate to tip #8, which is to Dump Some Junk.

How many of us have items, boxes and trunks full of stuff and jettisoned furniture that sit in storage(either at home or-gasp-at a storage unit that must be paid for month-to-month)?  And upon moving, how many of us bring all of that unused stuff with us to our next location only to store it away again?

I personally know people who pay over 4 figures a month to keep stuff stored.  Stuff they never see or use.  I think that this is hands down the best tip in the article.  Sell it, give it away,invite it back into your home, whatever...but if you don't use it, you don't have to take it with you. It'll save you time and money in the end.

While you're on Wise Bread, check out their other excellent articles, you may want to bookmark the site as well.  It's a wealth of information for those looking to reevaluate their relationship with money, and save some money as well.

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