What's That Smell?! A Mysterious Odor Nearly Sends Us Packing...

I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this...

My family and I are home this past Saturday night doing our thing, hanging out in front of our newly installed gas fireplace insert.  All of a sudden we start to smell a faint odor that we think is natural gas.  We are a little concerned and so we shut off the gas valve to the insert and continue to monitor the situation.  I go to take a bath, and when I step into the bathroom the strong smell of what I think is gas hits me like a baseball bat in the face.  I go and check the other rooms, and the master bedroom has the same dreadful odor.  Also, as you get closer to the floor the smell intensifies.  My son's room is fine, the office is fine, and the living room doesn't have that strong an odor either.  We are certain it's some sort of gas leak and immediately call the natural gas company, and they send someone out within the hour.

Once the guy from the gas company arrives, we take him to the rooms where the odor is the strongest.  He immediately proclaims, "This is not natural gas!"  Granted, to me it smells a little like natural gas, but it really smells more like 20 old ladies getting their hair permed in an airtight room.  I relay that thought to him and he completely agrees("Yes, yes, that's what my wife smells like when she comes home from getting her hair done!").  He proceeds to take out his electronic gas detector and his carbon monoxide detector and goes over practically every inch of the house including the attic.  He does not detect a gas leak anywhere.  He even went outside and cracked the gas meter, and let us smell what natural gas smelled like; then he held the detector up to it so that we could see that it was working.

So, the gas company guy's take on this is that we have a dead animal somewhere either in the crawlspace or the attic.  My husband is quite unconvinced of this, however, despite the evidence that it wasn't gas.  We have not experienced this situation since.

Has anyone had this situation, and would you have an idea as to what this might be? Any thoughts would be appreciated.  Thanks for reading!

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