Biggest Loser: Office Edition, week 2. Losing focus?

What a difference a week makes...after our first week of having a Biggest Loser competition in our office, as a group we lost 112 pounds.  In contrast, this week we lost 30.  Actually, I'm stretching it a bit by using the word "we".  I personally gained a pound, so I can't say I made a positive contribution. As it turns out, I was not the only one who gained weight.  

During our weekly group meeting,  the people who lost weight were as pumped up as ever, and the rest of us were guilt-ridden.  I had to temper news of my weight gain with, "but I'm climbing lots of stairs, and I can just feel my butt getting smaller!" Others relayed stories of falling off the wagon by going to McDonald's, having a few too many beers at the poker tournament, and baking dozens of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies for an Open House.  Who are we kidding?  By the time I got to the Open House I had about 8 cookies left. 

             Mr. Donut                          Curry Rice!

The local heating company brought donuts again.  Someone in Admin likes to cut them in half so that, well, if someone wants a donut they can have only half, and feel half as guilty.  The first week of the contest, the donuts barely got touched until after 3:30, when the children of agents start to pop into the office.  Today? It's as if our contest never existed.  Only one week into it, and we're not even policing each other anymore.  I guess it's probably due to the whole 'Pot and Kettle' thing.

The great thing about this competition is that for every pound lost, we must bring food that equals what we lost in pounds.  I brought in two 2-lb cans of spaghetti sauce in last week.  At the meeting I asked if I get one of my cans back since I gained a pound.  Apparently we still need to bring food according to whatever we lost or gained.  That was a pretty good decision, in hindsight.  The food bank might actually make more off of those of us who gain weight.

I really do blame the time change for my relapse.  But I'm the only one who can get myself back on track. I don't know how others in my office feel, or what struggles they went through this week.  But in my desire not to be left behind, I will strive to take this challenge day by day, hour by hour and minute by minute with a positive attitude.  I'm happy that just as much in business as in this competition, I have my colleagues as support, and I can offer support to them as well.  

If I can get back on track with my business when I falter, why not my diet? Oh, excuse me, I meant to say "livit"- after all, it's all about the attitude!


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Comment balloon 3 commentsLisa Bosques • November 13 2007 09:28PM


Good post keep up the good work. Thanks for the post
Posted by Richard Perkins (R PERKINS REALTY) over 12 years ago
It is amazing how positively making a goal with a group of people can affect you. Losing weight alone is so hard. It is too bad that it couldn't be kept up. Perhaps a longer term goal or monthly goals would keep your office on track!
Posted by Todd and Danielle Millar, Sixteen years of excellence! (Glenn Simon Inc.) over 12 years ago

Hi Todd, thanks for visiting and for your comment.

Actually, and luckily for us, this contest is going to go through January of 2008, so we do have a chance to redeem ourselves.  We also award weekly prizes to the biggest loser, so that gives us more incentive to do better as well.  I for one will get back up and try again!


Posted by Lisa Bosques over 12 years ago

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