What Should Be Done With North Highline?

Should North Highline be annexed by Burien or Seattle?

Sometime next year, voters who reside within North Highline's boundaries will decide their future.  How will the annexation affect property taxes, municipal resources, schools, businesses, and property values? Are you thinking about buying property in this area?

At the end of this post I'll provide some links which will hopefully provide plenty of valuable information and opinions regarding the matter.  Whatever your stance, if you live in the North Highline area it is important that you know the pros and cons of annexation to Burien or Seattle, and how it will impact you.  

Having lived in Burien and West Seattle(Arbor Heights, which is about a mile from Burien) most of my life, I, for one, see North Highline as being a part of Burien.  I don't really have a tangible reason for my opinion, other than the fact that North Highline schools are part of the Highline School District, not Seattle School District, and that North Highline communities just feel like part of Burien.  Well, except for White Center; to me that feels like part of Seattle, but we'll take it anyway!

I also feel that North Highline communities would fare better by being a part of Burien.  While Burien decision makers never had a reputation for being forward-thinking, things have changed here.  Seattle has a tendency to ignore parts of their city.  Ever notice how much bumpier the roads are in West Seattle? Maybe I'm biased because I l-o-v-e LOVE Burien so much, but I can't imagine that Burien would let any of its communities fall by the wayside.  

North Highline communites such as Boulevard Park, Beverly Park and North Burien(!) have something else in common besides schools; they also have many homes that sit on larger lots. Sounds like this would be prime territory for Seattle's high density housing slobberfest initiative.  I suppose smaller lot sizes and more townhomes would mean more listings for me, but I quite like the character of these neighborhoods just the way they are.

I'm also concerned about what will happen to business owners if Seattle annexes North Highline.  Part of White Center's appeal is that there is such diversity among the businesses there. Having owned a business in Seattle and relocating to Burien, I can tell you that running a business in Seattle costs nearly 5 times what it costs to run a business in Burien and certainly more than business owners are paying now being unincorporated.  It would be sad indeed to suddenly lose stable business owners, most of whom have been running their business for years.(Starbucks in White Center = Harbinger of Doom?) We'll just have to wait and see.

Wow, when I started this post I was going to stay unbiased; I see that the train has run right off of the tracks! I'll just add the links below and leave it at that.  Thanks for reading! 


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