Earth Liberation Front Destroys Four Homes - How Far Will They Go And When Will They Stop?

Early this morning four 2007-built, unoccupied homes went up in flames in Woodinville.  These homes were featured in a local, yearly real-estate event called Street of Dreams.  I viewed these beautiful homes last summer, as many thousands of people did.  These homes represented the latest in design, technology and materials; they were also multi-million dollar homes that the Earth Liberation Front refers to as "McMansions".

Apparently, besides these four homes, one home sustained smoke and heat damage, and the other one was unscathed.  Here is the wiki page on the Earth Liberation Front:

The ELF is noted as the #1 domestic terror threat in the United States by the Department of Homeland Security. Their modus operandi is arson.  The effects of their insane and inexplicable actions send shock waves through the communities surrounding their criminal acts. Their goal: to "remove the profit motive from the killing of the natural environment." They torched these homes in protest of urban sprawl. 

Today, one ELF activist stands trial for the 2001 fire bombings of cement and logging trucks in Oregon.  I wish the media would stop calling them 'activists' and start calling them by the more aptly suited name 'terrorist', because that is exactly what they are. 

The irony here is that their actions seem to do more harm than the developers they are protesting against.  These homes were built eco-friendly, and one of them was a 5-star Built Green home(built to the highest environmental standards).  While touring the homes last summer I remember the recycled-paper countertops getting quite a bit of attention for its innovativeness.  Indeed, one of the reasons for the homes' hefty price tags was because of the builders' desire to create homes with as little environmental impact as possible, and to incorporate earth-friendly systems and materials into the design of these homes.

Now, four homes are gone in a cloud of toxic smoke thanks to the ELF, and everyone must begin again.  The homes will be rebuilt after insurance payoffs.  But what about the neighbors who've already purchased homes in that cul-de-sac? What about the Realtors who held Open Houses and marketed these high-end listings over the past eight months, where does that leave them? Where does it leave the builders, everyone with time, heart, soul and money tied up in this development? 

The Earth Liberation Front is a covert, clandestine group with no authority.  Every group acts on their own to inflict their beliefs on others through violent measures.  Perhaps if they were to embrace the philosophy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Cesar Chavez and other true activists of protest through non-violence, they might win people over and build some momentum.  After all, plenty of people here are opposed to urban sprawl and the destruction of the environment.  But isn't that what city council meetings are for?





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Comment balloon 11 commentsLisa Bosques • March 03 2008 10:35PM


Lisa, I was shocked when I saw the news this morning. Sad Sad Sad!!
Posted by Colleen Fischesser Northwest Property Shop, A Tradition of Trust in the Pacific NW since 1990! (RE/MAX Advantage | Managing Broker) over 12 years ago
You are right about the terrorist part! All they are doing is making the builders use more materials. Don't they realize the counter productivity of their actions? I bet you that they dont live out in the woods, just them and nature! And they probably drove an SUV to get to the homes to !!! ha
Posted by Matt Yogerst, Metro Milwaukee Real Estate (RE/MAX Realty 100) over 12 years ago
I wish I was shocked.  The Eco-terrorists do not operate with logic, just emotion... and the emotion is hate.  And, what they really hate is wealth.  The homes could be off the grid, and have a negative carbon footprint... but they are big and expensive...
Posted by Lane Bailey, Realtor & Car Guy (Century 21 Results Realty) over 12 years ago

I was shocked too, Colleen.  They just keep outdoing themselves, don't they? 

Yes, Matt, we are all wondering where these people dwell if not in HOMES.  They are totally counterproductive, and not only that but their actions are escalating to the point where one day someone will die because of them.

Lane, you're right-these people despise wealth and assume that wealthy people only care about material possessions and not the earth.  But I would venture to guess that some members had what we would consider middle to upper class upbringing and then somehow became indoctrinated later in life.  That's just my off-the-wall assumption.

Posted by Lisa Bosques over 12 years ago
Lisa, your assumption is likely correct.  I recall seeing a study, and most of these anti-wealth extremists are afforded the very opportunity because of the assets they were born into.  This goes all of the way back to Karl Marx. 
Posted by Lane Bailey, Realtor & Car Guy (Century 21 Results Realty) over 12 years ago
Lisa - This is very disturbing.  Have you posted this in any of the political groups here on Active Rain?
Posted by Virginia Hepp - Mesquite NV REALTOR, Mesquite NV Homes and Neighborhoods - Search MLS (Desert Gold Realty - Mesquite NV Homes For Sale) over 12 years ago

Hi Virginia,

No, I haven't; I actually didn't think to do that, but I will check it out. Thanks!
As far as I know the person who did this has not been caught yet, but ELF is quite active here in the NW especially.  Must be the gray weather or something...

Posted by Lisa Bosques over 12 years ago

Although I am all for taking care of our planet and being responsible custodians, I absolutely deplore the actions of ELF.  They are a huge bruise on the face of environmentalism.  Fanatics of any movement never seem to grasp how far they are setting back what is a truly worthy cause when they cause destruction and strive for chaos.  It is not right by any stretch of a rational mind.

This is NOT walking lightly on the earth.

Posted by Elaine Hanson, REALTOR - Topanga, CA Real Estate Agent (Compass) over 12 years ago
I've never heard of this group before. Sounds like a matter of when and not if for their actions to physically harm someone. The worst part is when they are caught, they will be martyrs for the cause and have a lot of time to send propaganda from their cells to recruit others.
Posted by Sandra Carlisle (Ayers), Real Estate Marketing & Sales (Berkshire Hathaway California Properties) over 12 years ago
Good info!  I never heard of this group before.  They may not want to come too our part of the country...we still believe in the second amendment and exercise it daily.  :) 
Posted by Michael Johnson, Metro Charleston SC (Carolina One Real Estate) over 12 years ago

I wish they could figure out that they ruined a bunch of homes that were green homes built to help the environment! We finally got one of these nut balls back from Canada and hopefully we can get him to stay in jail a very very long time. Most of the time they do more damage to the environment destroying things than the item they destroy ever could have!

Posted by Respect Realty LLC, Brokers - Oregon / SW Washington Real Estate (Respect Realty LLC) over 12 years ago

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