"What's The Market Doing These Days?"

This is the question I've been hearing most often from people who approach the Prudential booth at the Burien Farmer's Market.  It seems that everyone has a bit of curiosity about the market and wants to hear an answer first-hand from local Realtors who are in the trenches.

My answer to this question is, "It's probably never been a better time to buy a home. Interest rates are low, and there are lots more homes to choose from. As for sellers, homes are still selling, and those homes that look great, have the most amenities and updating, and are priced at or below their competition will sell the fastest".

People are still buying homes.  They still want a place to call home, a place in which to have a sanctuary from the outside world. For those who truly want to invest in their own home, the tougher lending limits are actually a good thing.  With more protections in place, from here on out you most likely won't qualify unless it is believed that you can truly handle a mortgage payment. 

Homeowners who aren't overextended are usually happy that they purchased their home; the uneasiness and uncertainty you experience before and during the buying process doesn't return when the Dow drops or when turmoil erupts here or abroad.  And personal challenges happen regardless of where you live.  At least when you own a home, you have a chance of having it paid off someday.

So don't let what's going on in the world stop you - if your dream is to own a home, go get approved for a loan and start looking for one. If you need help, you know where to find me!


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