July 2008 Stats for Des Moines, WA - Not Too Shabby!

I just finished pulling some stats for the month of July, and I'm noticing that during that snapshot of time from 7/1 to 7/31 things don't look too bad over in the Waterland City.  I even saw a house that I would have loved to buy - a lovely, updated split level home with two kitchens and 1800 square feet, just five blocks from the Marina? For under $350,000? Raise your hand if you're kicking yourself over missing out on that one.

Okay, now that my hand is back on the keyboard, here's what went on in July(stats are from the MLS):


Listings taken: 59

Listings that expired: 12 / Average Days On Market(DOM): 128

Listings that went pending: 21 / Average DOM: 50

Listings that sold: 15 / Average DOM: 56


Listings Taken: 18

Listings that expired: 6 / Average DOM: 150

Listings that went pending: 4 / Average DOM: 26

Listings that sold: 6 / Average DOM: 65

Vacant Land:

Listings taken: 5

Listings that went pending: 1 / Average DOM: 92

Listings that sold: 3 / Average DOM: 217


Listings Taken: 1

Lstings that went pending: 2 / Average DOM: 40


Listings Taken: 3

Listings that expired: 2 / Average DOM: 100

Listings that went pending: 2 / Average DOM: 84

...and finally...

Manufactured Homes

Listings that sold: 1 / Average DOM: 49

Given the fact that we are right in the middle of prime real estate season, we are seeing an uptick of sales and pending sales, and shorter market times, for the time being anyway. This represents properties in all price ranges, though the average sales price for homes sold in July is right at $363,200, and all sales were for homes priced at $460,000 and under.  There is a home sale pending at $1,298,000, but most of the pending sales are in the lower price range as well.

Of the two condos that sold last month, the average sales price is $127,500; of the 10 pending condo sales, none are priced above $200,000.  Average market time even for the lower priced condos is about four months. But look on the bright side - at least you can go out and buy something in a nice place for under $200,000, right?

As for vacant land, I'm happy to see that at least one went pending.  Speaking of vacant land, I have a listing that I would like to see in the Pending stats next month too - 2.2 acres in North Hill just waiting to be developed, and at only $650,000, MLS #28095971.

That's it for today...until next time!


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